Die Geschichte der „Power Flowers“

Ursprünglicher Titel: „Passion“

Mood Board & Inspiration

I started drawing during my vacations at a beautiful place in France. My friend *Christine, the co-owner of the place encouraged me a lot. The pink flower stems from Christine’s artwork as a passionate photographer.

Drawings, selections and colors

Then the idea of wall art came up – so I transformed the „passion flowers“ into B/W

Because now it seemed too whimsy, I chose the 1st version and added some green accents.

This was my first project in pattern design. I look so much forward to take more classes in pattern design and create more patterns. I already started to create a collection with the motifs. It feels like a door to a new world opened.

Logo M-ohlala

"Passion for Patterns"
Monika Zwiefelhofer

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